Friday, 8 March 2013

Better Than FIFA

"I am Commander Shepard, and this is my favorite car in the Citadel"

It's a year since Mass Effect 3 was released to change my perception of video gaming as I know it. Gaming wise, this past year really went by in a breeze.
The odd thing is that a year later and goddess knows how many hours of short nights filled with explosions later, Mass Effect is still going strongly with this one. Not just because I've actually gone back to start the story from the first Mass Effect and move onwards; the first Mass Effect is not that great a game, suffering too much from being an old style Knights of the Old Republic type game. No, Mass Effect is still going strong because I'm still playing the third episode: between the various expansion DLCs and the weekend multiplayer missions, this game still has a long way to go before losing its essence. I mean, the multiplayer alone with its richness of characters that can be developed in various differing ways is reason alone for me to keep coming back for years to come.
As the new SimCity debacle reconfirms, Mass Effect is not without its debacles. Electronic Arts will not shy from nastiness when it comes to monetizing its games. Regardless, there is a very good game behind all the greed.
I am not alone in this Mass Effect entanglement. Just this week a guy sat next to me on the train, opened his laptop, and went straight into Mass Effect 3. I asked him if he was playing the new Citadel DLC (reflections made it too hard to see what was going on), and he answered with a no; he was revisiting Tuchanka. Oh, curing the Krogan genophage, I asked? We concluded by admitting this game is responsible for us losing the better part of this last year of our lives.
Here's to the best video game ever!

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