Friday, 22 February 2013

What a difference a year makes


This time last year we were living at a rental place while our house was extended.
This time last year I started chewing my fingers again, after several years of holding myself back. Chewing them big time.

This year we are in our now extended home. We are not going anywhere (we can't afford to!).
This year I used the calmness of January’s school holidays to calm things down with the chewing. Once again my fingers look like they belong to a human rather than a zombie.

Not that everything is easier. The whole prepare school lunch box / drop son at school in the morning / pick son up from school in the evening is hard. It’s hard because no day is the same as the one before, unlike the good old childcare routine. It’s also hard because it makes for very long days, by the end of which I’m as energetic as Chernobyl’s reactor.

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