Sunday, 24 February 2013

Four Eyes Only

Self-Portrait 3/12

During my early teens my eyesight started deteriorating. At some stage or another I decided to start wearing glasses in order to resharpen the world; within a couple of years it was no longer a matter of choice. I got to the stage I had to wear glasses. Not only in order to drive, but in order to get along with life in general.
Years later I solved my vision problems through a laser eye operation. I have been known to declare I do not recommend this operation. There is the obvious financial reason – it’s stupidly expensive – but there is more to it. While helping me get rid of glasses, it introduced new issues such as dryness to the eyes. Generally speaking, my lesson was “do not cut my body unless it is utterly necessary to do so”. (I learnt a similar lesson before from the tattoo I had done; much good it did me.)
Why am I telling you all of the above? Because nowadays I feel like that early teen at the beginning of the post. And the thought of eventually going back to wearing eyeglasses? Not so appealing. Quite unappealing, actually.

Image by Paul Stevenson, Creative Commons license

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