Thursday, 28 February 2013

Chuck Versus The End

The event we have been dreading the most lately will soon be upon us. We have started watching the fifth and last season of Chuck, and given this one is actually half a season long (12 episodes) the end is imminent. What can we do about it? How do we soften the blow?
In order to address this most horrific of problems, the ultimate end of a favorite TV show, we have reintroduced an old tactic: watching movies. Thus lately we have been renting Blu-rays like crazy, an act I have been rather reluctant to perform given the average quality of the average Blu-ray rental movie is not so great (criticism aimed at Hollywood rather than the Blu-ray format itself).
So we’re back to watching movies. And me, I’m back to reading at a proper rate again.
In other words, we are back to our a similar leisure time routine as the one we used to have before embarking on our home extension project. It only took me a year to get back there…

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