Wednesday, 2 January 2013

The Fate of CDs

We have a problem: we have no idea where to place our CD collection. Our DVD collection suffers from similar issues, although the lesser quantities make it the lesser problem.
Truth is we haven’t been using our CDs much for years now. When we packed them away ahead of our home renovations, about a year ago, we did not feel like we were missing much. Now that we are back at our renovated house, and have been here for a few months by now, we could not avoid noting the CD boxes keep on moving from one room to another as we sort things out - yet unpacking them is never on our agendas.
Nor is it likely to be any time soon: the reality seems to be that CD storage furniture is rather rare or expensive (probably the result of the rarity). We also noted that when we raise this matter before others we usually end up finding ourselves listening to stories on how people got rid of their CD collection; the only variations to the story come in their preferred sampling rate of the CDs prior to them getting rid of them. Whichever way you look at it, CDs have become a liability, while DVDs are on their way, too, depending on how far down the curve you are.

It is therefore important to remember how we got to this point in time: if it were up to the record labels, we would still be consuming our music through overpriced and often hard to get pieces of plastic. It is only thanks to the likes of Napster and The Pirate Bay that we were able to move away from the plastic to the virtual.
Do not forget the truth the next time these two and their compatriots are pointed out as nasty villains. They're not; they are our culture's advanced scouting team, and we are all in their debt.

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