Monday, 14 January 2013

The Chuck Diaries

It occurred to me, as we are making our way through the series Chuck, that I could have easily written a dedicated blog to my impressions and thoughts of each episode. The result could be nice: it could map my journey across the series, and given the state of the series' fandom it is probably going to eclipse the popularity of everything else I put online.
I decided against the idea, eventually, but not without second thoughts. There is the usual "I don't have time" excuse, but more importantly we are a bit too far down the series for me to start now; going back to episode 1 while pretending I don't know what happens on episode 2 would be a bit of a cheat.
Instead, and for now, I will settle with mentioning one stellar episode. It has our hero, Chuck, leaving his job at Buy More in favor of this high-tech company that is oh-so-obviously made to look and feel like Apple. Its offices look like the real thing, its product launches look like the real thing with all the fake hoo-ha and the loyal flocks of cheering crowds, and its CEO (Chevy Chase) is dressed and made to look the Steve Jobs part. Only that the company is a front to an evil organization with Chase being the architect of evil.

Chuck image: NBC

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