Wednesday, 16 January 2013

The Anti Social, Part 2

Beyonce Knowles

My adventures into the realm of celebrity social media continued (you're welcome to refer to my original discussion here). For example, this week I learned the following from my Mass Effect related celebrities:
  1. It seems a celebrity is often occupied with glamor photos of themselves, even if - in the eyes of yours truly - those photos are less than flattering to their subject (albeit filled with talented photography). Do not ask me what purpose these photos are meant to serve.
  2. I learned celebrities occupy themselves by posing at awards ceremonies. Me, I preferred the attitude of another celebrity to these events. Actually, I prefer to ignore these events altogether.
  3. I witnessed how paparazzi can invade the privacy of fellow human beings and stop at nothing to make a buck out of it.
Clearly, I have been wasting my time with Twitter here. But is that always the case?
No, actually. Through following of Mass Effect people I learned about the game Borderlands 2, to a point it became clear I would like the game. Having now bought it and played it [a bit] I can confirm the game rocks. I also learned of the existence of the TV series Tron: Uprising, which not only features some interesting actors, it also seem to feature interesting themes set in the interesting Tron world.
By now the picture seems clearer. Mass Effect people do not come in one shape and size. Some of them have been involved by virtue of their pretty face and voice; some have been there to write the script and others designed and coded the game. It is of no coincidence that I find the latter's inputs more interesting than the former's.
It is also a case of what people choose to do with their Twitter accounts. Some choose to use it for self promotion, often almost exclusively; which seems fine by their fans, but also seems to offer nothing more than short term appeal to me. Others, however, use Twitter to interact with the world: to offer views and capture some back.
It all comes down to this. Celebrities are no different to any other person. Some are interesting, some are not; some choose to be interesting, some do not. By now I learned my lesson: it's nice to see a pretty face from time to time, but let's face it - pretty faces are a dime a dozen on the Internet. My time, my precious time, is going to be invested on those that can offer substance in return.

Image by Joe Shlabotnik, Creative Commons license

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