Friday, 11 January 2013

iPhone 5 notes

Now that I've been using my new iPhone 5 for a couple of weeks, there are two points I would like to make about it.
First, when I do get to pick my old iPhone 3GS up and use it - and I have been using it as my GPS and as a music player - it feels so clunky and slow it is, in effect, unbearably unusable. Sure, it's fine for sacrificing in my car on the frying windshield, but it is such a pain to use I do wonder how I managed for so long.
Second, I'm repeatedly surprised by how good and how user friendly the camera on the iPhone 5 is. I suspect that is the case with all current flagship smartphones, but for me it's a novelty. It just works, the results are good, it's always there, and even photo post processing is easily done on the spot. I'm at a point where I choose to use the iPhone's camera even while carrying my SLR on me just because of that ease of use. I know the result won't be as good, but I also know that in most cases it won't matter. Check the above as a case in point.
I'm quite happy with my new phone. They say it even makes calls.

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