Thursday, 31 January 2013


Time Jumper

Today is the last day of school holidays, which immediately implies on some historical event that is going to take place tomorrow. Historical or not, that’s not my topic for this post; I actually wanted to talk about the school holidays themselves.
To my great surprise, I greatly enjoyed them! I enjoyed spending time at home, I enjoyed spending time with my wife and son, I enjoyed us going together to Sydney and Canberra, and I enjoyed taking time off work to look after my son and go do stuff together. From time to time, doing stuff together even felt better than not going to work. And you know what? This arrangement I had with the wife, where we alternate daily between going to work and looking after the son? I can get used to that!
The result? For the first time in decades I feel that bitter taste that comes with going back to school.
There was more to these school holidays. For the first time in years I got to enjoy consistently longer night time sleeps. After years of sleeping around six hour a night, I got almost a month of seven to eight hours of sleep. It made me notice something weird.
I do not feel particularly more energetic with this extra sleep that I was getting. However, I noticed that I feel I’m dreaming more. To be more accurate, I notice that I remember dreaming and remember the contents of my dreams much better. In other words, sleeping longer makes for much interesting, dare I say rewarding, sleeps. My dreams are cool, man.
So: Here’s looking for the next school break!

Image by h.koppdelaney, Creative Commons license

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