Sunday, 6 January 2013

All that I can't leave behind

Earlier this evening I've been told off by a relative: you are working at a comfortable job; but what are you doing for the soul after work?
This is not the first time I feel misunderstood by my family, for whom my messing about with computers is as unfathomable as an automobile would be to a neanderthal. They simply fail to see the possibilities an interconnected world of computers can provide. I would therefore like to share with you two of tonight's achievements in response.
First, together with my wife I got to watch two more episodes of Chuck. Although these were probably among the weakest of the series thus far (we're in the middle of season 2 out of 5), being that they dealt mostly with the impossible romance between the series' geek and the series' femme fatale, I am hooked way past addiction. I'll explain it this way: yesterday, a 42 degree day at Melbourne, was a day we decided not to risk switching our electronics on for fear of frying them; today, in direct response to this Chuck-less day, I found myself humming the Chuck theme song all day long. In between playing Chuck's music on Spotify, of course. I dread the day we finish going through the series' 90+ episodes. A soul without Chuck is an incomplete soul.
Second, I got to finish Mass Effect 3's campaign yet again. This time around I did it with the character I had raised and developed through Mass Effect 2, thus bringing far more substance to the story of Mass Effect 3. Even though I knew what's to happen I still felt mesmerized, and not only by Liara telling me she loves my female avatar minutes before the latter decided to sacrifice herself for the sake of the galaxy. Look at the fan created image above and tell me the game does not inspire "souls".
Third, now I am here to blog about it all at an insane hour that should have seen me in bed ages ago. Any person telling me I am not doing anything "for the soul" is a person that never bothered checking my online presence.

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Sarah said...

It's all value judgement isn't it and is something difficult for people to find common ground about. What one person enjoys and sees as a valuable use of time can be considered as a waste of time by others especially in different generations or cultures.

My husband can't understand why I watch half the tv shows I watch as he sees no value in the interest I have in the studies of society I am undertaking in watching them in the same way I can't understand how playing transport tycoon all Sunday is entertaining or widening his understanding of the world. Guess the trick is understand we don't all have to like the same things and what we value is different and being tolerant and understanding of that goes a long way!

Moshe Reuveni said...

Since you're forcing me to it, I'll expand.
The conversation was more along the lines of "your brother does really great photography, what are you doing with yourself". There are two problems with this statement: first, they have no idea what I am doing with myself (then again, even if they had an idea there is this whole problem of "messing with computers" equaling nothing in their view). Second, there is the assumption that whatever it is that I am doing is inferior to photography; how many of us can take a stand and claim that what we are doing is superior to what others are doing? If an emergency room doctor saving the lives of traffic accident victims watches a soap opera at their own free time to cleanse their head with, can we claim they are wasting their time?
There is something very Israeli in the way these arguments were raised against me. The only surprise is that I'm sort of used to be on the receiving end from my mother (typical example: she complained I'm up to nothing and compared me to a neighbor who became an insurance agent; I was a couple of months away from graduating a top flight engineering degree).

Anyway... What TV shows are you watching?

Sarah said...

I like watching stuff that gives me insights into the human psyche and why people live their lives the way they do. Hence why I like reading blogs and enjoy your more human interest posts over the technical ones.
I really enjoyed a series called "Being Erica" about a woman revisiting regrets in her life through time travel and the lessons she took back to her current life. I also like longitudinal studies like The 7up series, Life at 1 etc. While generally I find Sci Fi/Fantasy is not my genre as I can't get into it my other half got me into watching Dr Who so we have enjoyed that too. I also have a secret love of musicals but we don't speak of that in public...

I can't think of anything else specific at the moment.