Friday, 7 December 2012

MassStation News

Mass Effect (1), the first game in the trilogy, has finally been released for the PlayStation 3. Hooray!
Needless to say, Australia was the last to have it up and available on the Sony store. Hooray!
And it almost goes without saying the Australian Tax™ is firmly here, to the benefit of Sony and/or BioWare and/or EA: the game sells for 11 GBP in the UK, 14 Euros in Europe, and $24 in Australia. In other words, they have a special currency convertor for Australia, and it’s set to “SCREW”.

Regardless, yours truly will be saving the galaxy yet again.
Things are not as simple as they sound, though. Once the first Mass Effect game is done, one has to import the character into the second to witness the changes in the plot as a result of previous actions. And then do the third game, too.
One also has to play as both male and female, if only in order to manage the different relationship options. Again I will say what I said here before about Mass Effect: I consider the female option significantly superior, both for its acting and for the marvel of role playing a proper female character (as opposed to, say, a container for boobs).
Altogether, I am looking at something like 250 hours of gameplay here. That’s before getting the latest Mass Effect 3 DLC. That also doesn’t account for the multiplayer action, which may lack the story but is generally superior in the action department.
Sleep is for wusses. Me, I own this galaxy.

Image: BioWare

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