Thursday, 6 December 2012

It's Xmess Time

christmas decorations at virtusa

How do I know Christmas is coming? Because of incidents like this.
This morning I was noted for being relative alone in not having Christmas decorations on my office desk. (Screw those, I say; I’m the only one with Mass Effect decorations on my desk, and I know who wins in the comparison between the Normandy and Santa’s sledge. Even without having its guns calibrated.)
As a result of this notation, I was challenged by a surprised colleague: “What, you don’t believe in Christmas?”
I answered by simply asking what belief in Christmas entails. After a notable pause, the reply I got was a rather silent “Santa”.
So, for the record, let me point the following out:
  1. I have no idea what believing in Christmas means. Not just for heretics like me, but even for Christians.
  2. I definitely do not believe in Santa.
  3. I do, however, believe in winding down.
  4. I certainly believe in taking time off work, especially when everyone takes time off work together.
  5. And I believe in making the most of this off time together with family and friends.
Actually, I wouldn’t say “believe” is the right word there. A belief is an opinion we hold without evidence to back it up. I, however, have plenty of evidence to support my seasonal notions.

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