Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Donations Time


It’s the time of the year to giveth, so I thought I’d list the organisations that should expect to see some dollars coming from the direction of my wallet this month:
  1. EFF (Electronic Frontiers Foundation), who look after our online freedom. True, they are USA centric, but then again the rest of the world tends to copy what the USA does anyway.
  2. Wikipedia, the bastion of free and readily available information. Hard to imagine what the world would be like without it in public hands. Some credit is also due to Jimmy Walesefforts for justice to Richard O’Dwyer.
  3. Richard Dawkins Foundation. Saying I appreciate the work of Richard Dawkins is an understatement that needs expanding on. Dawkins, together with his foundation, is now my main source of science news and updates. Add this to the ongoing efforts towards curing public ignorance and one can see why a donation is virtually obligatory.
  4. Medicine Without Frontiers, aka Doctors Without Borders or Médecins Sans Frontières. They help those that need helping the most, and they do so without much regard for matters such as personal risk. Oh, they are also not religiously affiliated, which means there are no hidden motivations at hand as well as no potential for discrimination on the basis of religion. Their managers not telling the press that atheists are something along the lines of the scum of the earth helps, too.

My partner is also giving away some of our cash to other organizations, but you can read about those on her blog.
For the record, the above is not posted in order to demonstrate how great I am. I’m not; I’m much more of a tight arse than a generous person and my donations are not large by anyone’s account. The point is to inspire my readers to do the same thing. Note, for example, how the targets of my donations are closely aligned to my views and interests.
In other words, many similarly minded tight arses working together can achieve great things.

Image by Mindful One, Creative Commons license

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