Sunday, 23 December 2012

Christmas can suck!

Christmas SUCKS

As someone for whom Christmas was something that only happened in movies up until I got to live in Australia, I have absolutely no baggage - for better or worse - with regards to Christmas. This lack of baggage, or rather my general indifference towards Christmas, seems to be yet another UnAustralian feature of mine: the majority of the population seems to think that life without Christmas is a life not worth living. They comfortably forget that some four billion people on this planet are rather indifferent towards the holiday.
In contrast I have a friend - a proper Aussie one at that, not a bloody foreigner like yours truly - who dislikes Christmas. It's for personal reasons, and having heard her explanation I can say I totally sympathize.
The point I would like to make is that it's perfectly fine for Christmas to suck just like anything else can. Christmas is like raising children: we are told wherever we go that Christmas is magical and made of pure awesomeness, but most of the time we are busy changing nappies full of shit. Still, society's attitudes raise expectations, expectations that can never be fulfilled. The result: A Christmas that can, and is most likely to, suck.
The reason why I'm raising this matter up? Oh, there is the slight matter of spending the morning of my wife's and I second mutual Christmas day off work at the emergency room with our son. We're all alive and fine, more or less (thanks for asking), but you have to admit: emergency room do not make for a wonderful Christmas.
Christmas can suck, and for many (starting with the families of the nurses on duty) it will. And it is perfectly natural for that to be the case.

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Sarah said...

Christmas can suck for a number of people for a number of reasons and you are absolutely right it does seem to be something that is not tolerated in Australia to say Xmas sucks! I have been debating what I will post tomorrow on FB about Christmas as I like to acknowledge it can be really difficult but at the same time I can hear people's eye balls rolling in their head saying does she have to be such a downer!!

For me Christmas has lost the magic it had and I can't see it ever being the same so I think acknowledging that is important for me and may reach out and touch someone else who feels the same but can't voice it.

Hope everything is ok regarding the hospital trip. It's not a proper holiday unless someone breaks a bone or has an asthma attack. Happy unChristmas!

Moshe Reuveni said...

Hey, we already had our once in a lifetime holiday with no one getting sick earlier this year. Can't complain.
I will refrain from commenting on the need to be ever so positive on Facebook...