Monday, 26 November 2012

Where the Wild Things Are

The things you find while messing the net.
I make it no secret my favorite character of the Mass Effect universe is Liara, the Asari doctor. There are multiple reasons for this, starting from the role the character plays alongside the player and continuing with the voice and the looks. Ultimately, though, I think I like her because she is probably the closest to the way I would like to see my real self in the video game’s world: looks aside, we are talking about the knowledgeable scientist who is a tad fragile and lacks self-confidence but can kick ass when push comes to shove.
Looking things up, I found out Liara is voiced by an actress called Ali Hillis. It’s interesting to note that YouTube clips featuring Hillis show her sounding quite if not totally different to Liara, which probably says something about Hillis’ acting abilities as well as what it takes to voice video game characters.
Perhaps more interesting is the fact Liara’s looks was modeled after the facial scan of a real life woman, Jillian Murray. Look Murray up and the men readers will notice she is not exactly punishment to look at*. You will also notice her main claim to fame is her role in a movie called Wild Things: Foursome, which I suspect is some sort of a sequel to 1998’s Wild Things featuring Neve Campbell and Denise Richards.
I find it hilarious. As in, the producers sat down thinking “how do we make a sequel to Wild Things”, and arrived at the conclusion that the way to go ahead is to add another woman to the equation and make it a foursome affair. Aside from wondering at the ever thinning line between where this franchise is appearing to be heading for and straight out porn, I can only speculate what the sequel to Foursome would be called.
Think about it this way: There is a chance the series continues into the foreseeable future. After all, if there were enough happy customers to merit the first sequel, there probably are enough for another. Roll on the time wheel, ignore what sequels say about the people you are sharing this planet with, and the conclusion is inevitable: we should eventually expect to find a movie called Wild Things: Harem.

Liara image: BioWare

*Added on 30/11/12:
If would like to enjoy Murray's looks, have a look here (location tweeted by Murray today). Beware: some would consider the photos NSFW (many wouldn't).


Uri said...

According to iMDB, it’s actually the fourth one in the series (and a straight-to-video release), so the title makes sense in a Shrek Forever After kind of way.

Moshe Reuveni said...

Alright, but when you google the film you will notice the main event is a foursome... Still, it's amazing such crap is able to reach episode 4.