Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Our New Motorcycles

What do you think of my new motorcycle? It’s from Aldi!
There’s always an extra bonus when shopping at Aldi. This weekend around my always hungry for more toys son advised me of a motorcycle model special, where pretty accurate and good looking models of some motorcycles got sold for $6 apiece.
Following a couple of minutes of discussion we both chose our preferred models: my son picked the Honda CBR1100XX, because our car is a Honda and because he has been told (mainly by me) that red’s the color of fast vehicles. In turn, I picked the Suzuki GSX-R1000 because of the emotional impact the model carries: Back in my teens the only motorcycles you could get in Israel were Suzukis, with the other manufacturers joining the Arab boycott that was only lifted in the early nineties. When this child thought of sportsbikes, this one dreamed of a Suzuki GSX-R750.
So yeah, when you apply a filter over the photo, you can’t really tell the above only depicts my new model standing on my office desk, can you?

In an effort to teach my son about the virtues of his new toy I went looking on YouTube for videos depicting the bike. The first one I found was this, which left me astounded:

Notice how, in the course of this minute or so long video, the motorcycle at hand accelerates to 300km/h not once but twice. Even when counting on the optimism of the dashboard’s speedo, this is magnificent performance from a device anyone can put their hands on at their local dealership; road legal cars can only dream of such performance. I realized that in the course of a decade I forgot what sport motorcycling stands for. I forgot the speeds and I forgot the acceleration.
I forgot, for example, that one of the purposes of me migrating to Australia in the first place was so I would be able to afford buying a bike and then enjoy plenty of nice roads to ride that bike on. Now that I remember that, I also remember why I chose to forget that dream. I remember the first and second hand experience accumulated over the physical dangers of motorcycling, and more importantly – I realize now the better parts of a good life, the examined life, do not require an engine revving at 12,000 RPM between my legs. By now the closest I want to get to a motorcycle is a YouTube video.
Not a bad reminder for $12, don’t you agree?


Uri said...

Do you remember when your aunt told you she bought a 1000cc Suzuki, and you were quite disappointed to find out she meant a car?

Moshe Reuveni said...

I forgot all about it, but thanks for reminding me and making me laugh. I do remember being puzzled by an elderly relative going for a knife's edge bike...

wile.e.coyote said...

I'm happy to closed the circle.
You went to AU to buy a speedy motorcycle and now after almost 11 years you finality got one.
I think that yellow runs a bit faster than red

Moshe Reuveni said...

I like yellow sports car as much as I like red ones, only that yellows come with Barchashim.