Friday, 16 November 2012

An Apology to Amaysim

It looks like I owe Amaysim an apology.
A year ago I wrote here against the way this telco calculates data consumption on my iPhone. One of the specific examples I have cited was how I measured a YouTube video download to consume much more of my monthly data allocation than it should; I put the blame on Optus’ poor 3G service (which Amaysim resells), and concluded the problem is magnified by Amaysim’s way of rounding up consumed data to the nearest megabyte.
While some of my reservations on the rounding up may still hold, most of my others do not. At least according to this recent revelation concerning an iOS bug that causes streaming contents to be downloaded again and again in parallel on iPhones, thus wreaking havoc on users’ data allocations.
I have to add the phenomenon described in the article is not identical to what I have experienced. The article reported the problem started with the recent iOS 6 release, whereas I have been having these problems with iOS 5 a year earlier. Perhaps this discrepancy is caused by me still using a “retro” iPhone 3GS, whereas the bulk of people are now using newer iPhone models. Regardless, both the article and I seem to agree the problem is now solved: lately I have been listening to Spotify music streaming at work like there is no tomorrow, and checking up on my Amaysim bandwidth consumption reveals this habit of mine is entirely sustainable – in complete contrast to similar experiments I have held a year ago and earlier during 2012.
Give credit to Apple, though: this is a company in whose dictionary the word “ethics” does not exist. Apple kept its customers in the dark throughout, and still won’t say anything about this problem (which it now appears to have solved). While I love some of Apple’s products, dearly in some cases, the same cannot be said about the detestable company that makes these products.
Going back to Amaysim. Having been a customer of theirs for a year now, I can report they are by far the best telco whose services I have ever enjoyed (enjoyed being a key word here). Their main attraction is transparency and the level of control they give me on my account, allowing me to know exactly how much I am going to be charged (and not trying to take me by surprise). Second, they are cheap: the last bill I got for both me and my wife’s smartphones, covering a period of two months, was for less than $24. And I have the Internet doing something on my smartphone virtually all the time (friends will testify on my behalf there). Not only is Amaysim cheap, they actually got cheaper during the year when they reduced their call charges to 12c a minute.

So, to summarize:
  • Some of the accusations I threw at Amaysim turned out to be wrong, for which I apologize.
  • It seems the issues I was having were Apple’s fault. Apple will not comment, though.
  • I highly recommend Amaysim as a mobile phone provider.

Image: Amaysim

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