Monday, 3 September 2012

The Apple Beach

iphone 5 black & white models
The Goddess had finally made Her mind up and the decision was made on a very important matter: the iPhone 5 will be replacing my aging and almost cripple feeling iPhone 3GS. In a tribute to her foresight and knowhow, the Goddess’ decision was made and revealed to me prior to the iPhone 5’s official release in two weeks time.
At the end of the day, the decision making came down to the following core arguments.

In favor of Android:
    •    Screen size: the 4.8” screen of the Samsung Galaxy S3 and the 5.3” screen of the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 make the iPhone 5’s expected 4” screen look pathetic. I can buy the iPhone, but I will forever be disappointed with it.
    •    Price: At less than $500, I expect the Galaxy S3 to cost me about half of the 32GB iPhone 5 model I now assume to purchase.

In favor of the iPhone:
    •    Better operating system/environment: I did my homework on Android 4.1 Jelly Bean (currently running my wife’s smartphone). In some respects it is superior to iOS, but there are catches. You can read Charlie Stross’ review of his experience with the Google Nexus 7 tablet, coming in as an iPhone/iPad user, to see exactly what I’m talking about. The iPhone just works; Android requires tinkering and messing about. In this respect, the Android reminds me of Ubuntu, an operating system that gives my desktop all it needs but, due do drivers and compatibility issues, often induces sweat; in contrast, my Mac just works.
    •    Privacy: I have a problem with Google collecting information about me behind the scenes, which an Android phone allows it to do to one extent or another. I admit the full extent of the problem is unclear and could, potentially, be minimal; but I consider Apple to be vastly superior in the privacy department by virtue of the fact selling my privacy is not its core business.
 [BTW, as a side note, I will mention that Microsoft appears to be taking a leaf out of the Google book when it comes to it collecting and then using private information when you engage its services (see here). If you thought of using Microsoft as a replacement to Google due to privacy matters, think again.]
    •    AirPlay: By now I am too deep into the Apple ecosystem to be able to easily tear myself apart. You could say I’ve become Apple’s bitch. The number one example for this “problem”, if you will, is my reliance on Apple’s AirPlay at home in order to stream online music to my hifi. Android does not provide a suitable alternative to this piece of functionality from which backing out seems inconceivable.

The above puts me at a weird position. Were my current iPhone 3GS to break now (as in, before the iPhone 5 becomes accessible to me), I would rush to get either the Galaxy S3 or the Galaxy Note 2. However, when the iPhone 5 becomes accessible – that is to say, I can get its eccentric SIM through my budget mobile provider and the phone’s price becomes digestible – I will replace my iPhone 3GS with the iPhone 5.
Whatever transpires, I will be disappointed with my new phone.

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