Saturday, 8 September 2012

Our house, in the middle of our street

white house

Seven months after we were kicked out, our house is officially ours again.
I thought of using the opportunity for a big "hooray", but I cannot avoid noting how instead of big trumpets and fireworks I am rather stressed and baulking at the ever expanding list of to do items.
Then there is the case of the way our engagement with the builder has been deteriorating lately, as noted in various posts and lately at the comments here. That story is probably best demonstrated by the SMS I sent our builder this Wednesday:
Good morning,
A note regarding the paint touch ups: you knew about some of these issues (the laundry) for more than two weeks after we notified you in writing. Still, you had the painter in the house and chose not to have him address the problems.
If you don't want us to remember you for posterity by the stains on our walls, please fix them properly.

While that particular problem has been addressed since, to one extent or another (even if the builder never bothered to answer my SMS), two other cases of blatant neglect and carelessness have been identified since. For example, flyscreens were fitted to the outside of the second story windows without the builder bothering to clean the windows first. Windows that are inaccessible from the inside and had the builder's name written all over them when they were delivered...
It looks like we will have to learn to take it one day at a time, remember that the ball is round, and play for the whole ninety minutes. The next challenge is cleaning our house: although we had professional cleaners over for the initial assault, it appears as if by magic our house is constantly generating additional piles of dust by the minute.
I wouldn't mind fast forwarding the upcoming weeks at all...

Image* by dcJohn, Creative Commons license

*Yes, this is an authentic photo of our house!

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