Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Cheapest iPhone Ever

3. Original battery is stuck on with double sided tape. It took some force to pry off!

I thought of an ingenious way to save myself more than $800 the transition to an iPhone 5 would cost me and still have an iPhone. It’s a two step plan:
  1. Replace the battery on my iPhone 3GS, and
  2. Look after my phone in the hope it will last another year (by which time I’ll assess the market again and probably look into the Samsung Galaxy S4, the next Google Nexus iteration, or the iPhone 5S/6).
I can afford trying to get another year out of my iPhone 3GS because it seems to be working well under the new iOS 6 regime. It’s not perfect; it’s got its issues, but when I compare these issues to an additional $800 on my mortgage account I think I can live with the following:
  • It’s slow.
  • Some applications stutter while running, often crashing. However, the fault seems to be with rather buggy applications (here’s looking at you, Spotify; you, Telstra with your Whereis app; and you, Twitter, for ruining Tweetdeck).
  • The camera is a Stone Age relic. This is actually my biggest issue with the phone, because (a) I like photography and I care for image quality and (b) by virtue of always being on me, my phone is my most commonly used camera. It’s not just a quality issue; newer features, like being able to take panoramas, generally don’t work on the 3GS.
  • Tethering is limited to Bluetooth (as opposed to a wifi hotspot), but I can live with that since it works well on the two devices I tether to the most – my iPad and my MacAir.
  • No 4G. Then again, I doubt my provider, Amaysim, will have 4G capability any time soon. I also know I will not have 4G reception where I live.
  • Battery life is annoyingly short. Oh wait – I’m fixing that!
That’s it, really. Looks like by creating an uninspiring phone in the shape of the iPhone 5, Apple is helping me out with my mortgage.

Image by mmmsedap, Creative Commons license

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