Sunday, 19 August 2012

Old Milestones


My father has recently “celebrated” two important milestones in his life.
The first: he sold his car. I know a lot of people sell their cars a lot of the time, but this is different. He sold his car with no intention of acquiring a replacement. It's not like he is not buying a car because he decided the internal combustion engine is humanity’s worst enemy; he's voluntarily retiring from the world of driving because his old car became too much of a pain to maintain. Mostly, though, his retirement is due to having gone past the viable age of driving.
Thus it is a milestone. My father, whom I always remembered as an ultra proficient driver – the guy that knows exactly what is going on around him on the road, the guy licensed to drive anything between a motorcycle and a semitrailer, the guy who never got his car scratched – is giving up driving. For good. One would be challenged to find better evidence that one’s life is coming to its closing stages. How one is to contend with such a notion without going berserk is beyond me.
The other milestone offers similar themes. For the first time in our lives I weigh more than my father! Sure, that does mean I’m dragging excess weight around; however, those who know how my father was like in his prime would also know this is a significant event in the person’s life.
As someone consumed by the experience of raising a little child, I can’t help noting the similarities between childhood and old age. It's just that everything’s in reverse. Getting old sucks!

Image by toby___, Creative Commons license

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