Wednesday, 4 July 2012

The Novel


I have been entertaining the thought for a while: the thought of writing my own novel. It is one thing to think about writing and another to actually write one, but recent bouts of lengthy train rides left me daydreaming ideas.
The big idea I came up with is about a guy. At first glance, this guy seems bad, corrupted and almost evil; as we read along we find he's none of the above. He may be defying various religious traditions, such as some of the ten commandments, but when looked at through the test of the actions our guy takes it is clear he's fine. To clarify, this ain't no autobiography; I will, however, borrow ideas and events from my real life (as well as that of others).
Obviously, there are some severe problems that need to be overcome with this novel idea of mine:
  1. I can't write: Sure, I can express myself in writing. But can I write to a level that makes others want to pay to read me? I don't think so.
  2. I don't have the time to write a book: We're talking of a much greater investment here than blogging. And it's not like the internal drive to blog is going to subside while I mess with novel writing.
  3. Filling up a book: It's one thing to have an idea or several ideas, but it's another thing altogether to develop these ideas to a level one can fill a book up with (say, 50,000 words). Just to indicate at the gravity of the situation: up to this sentence, this post was made of ~250 words; I only need to fill up some 400 look alikes that make sense, are properly connected and are well written to have my own book. Not a trivial affair.
Difficulties firmly in mind, the idea of writing a novel is a nice idea to toy with. I already have a working title: "Not His Finest Hour". I have a firm idea on a beginning, some ideas for the middle, and a fine idea for a grand final - featuring the resurrection and a Steve Jobs that goes back to the helms at Apple.
I strongly suspect that these ideas and these thoughts will be the only thing that ever comes out of the idea of writing my own novel. Then again, what is the difference between this idea of mine, that won't get anywhere, and most of the things we embark on during our daily lives? I'll tell you what the difference is: one is fun and educational to think about, while most of the rest are mundane.

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Uri said...

It’s obvious it’s not an autobiography because you say the guy isn’t really evil.

As usual, your level of confidence is staggering, but in any case I share your view that even as an empty dream, it’s much better than some.

Good luck.