Friday, 11 May 2012

Letter from a Christian Nation

In case I was still entertaining the thought Australia is a true secular country, the country of its citizens, and whatever other democracy related superlative I had in mind, the welcome pack from my son’s future state school had them all obliterated.
The mailed pack included info for the parents and enrollment forms. They were all black and white photocopies of poor to average quality; the exception was a color brochure boasting the virtues of CRE, or Christian Religious Education. If you read the small letters it does mention parents can opt their children out of this program, but that is probably the only “positive” think I can mention in its favor.
That is why I intend to raise the following question at the parents’ night the school is going to hold next month:
As a concerned parent with no intention of letting his son sit through evangelical Christian sermons, I would like to know what the school’s policies for taking care of children that opt out of CRE are.
I intend to be loud and clear about it for several reasons:
  1. Let other parents be aware of the fact they can opt out of CRE.
  2. Let other parents know their children will not be on their own were they to opt them out of CRE.
  3. Let the school know it cannot expect to get away with mistreating my son during CRE classes. I am, of course, referring to the horror stories of kids being dealt with as if they are punished for the crime of not attending these “classes”. Stories that I hear way too often.
Is this CRE thing making me angry? You betcha.

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