Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Settled Down

Trust me on this: parting the Red Sea has been easier than getting ADSL to work at our rental address. But as of yesterday it’s finally there (ADSL, not the Red Sea), slowing down the Internet for the rest of you!
Sadly, we won’t be enjoying the full on Internet experience yet. My ADSL modem/router, a Billion BiPAC 7800N (pictured), decided to quit its wifi service after only six months of service. This otherwise brilliant piece of hardware has now been with Billion's technicians for three weeks, and I do have to say I am less than ecstatic about their customer service. Routers are notorious for breaking down under heat stress, and the least a manufacturer can do is ensure its customer receive good warranty experience.
The problem I have with the Billion experience is one of transparency: I was ordered to surrender my faulty gear at the shop I bought it at (what if I bought it at, say, Sydney?); from that point in time and up until that shop calls me back to say they got my gear back, I have no idea what’s taking place. Worse, I have no contact point other than the shop itself to give me status updates. The shop told me to expect a four week turnaround, but even if that turns out to be accurate it’s less than a worthy substitute for a transparent procedure. Needless to say, it’s also pretty long, forcing the customer to acquire a replacement modem/router.
To compare, my previous D-Link modem and router served me for around seven years (!) and were retired due to their oldish specs. I’ve already established that Internet access is, at this day and age, an essential service. The way I see it, the least Billion could have done was to supply me with a replacement modem/router while they took mine for fixing. That didn’t happen, so I will put things this way: I doubt I’ll be buying Billion again, no matter how good their products are when they actually work.
Lucky for me, I was too lazy to sell my old D-Link ADSL modem on eBay, so I have a [slower] backup. Couple that with my recently purchased Airport Express and I should be able to cruise along till the significantly superior Billion makes its return.

Hopefully now that I’m fully back to unrestricted access of my drug of choice I’d get rid of the shakes. Hooray.

Image: Billion

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