Sunday, 25 March 2012

Readers' Requests

In my blogs I have long raved about the virtues of author and blogger John Scalzi. With your permission I will do so again.
One of the better ideas Scalzi has implemented in his blog is a yearly week of posts dedicated to readers' requests. Some of Scalzi's better posts are produced during this week, like this gem of a post in which he explains why he's happy he happens to be a male. If you were after a demonstration of Sclazi's wit, observation and sense of humor, look no further.
Me, I have neither Scalzi's wit nor a measurable fraction of it. Yet the thought of posts stimulated by readers' requests does have its appeal. I know this could be a total catastrophe, but if you have any ideas you would like me to blog about let me know and we'll see how it goes...

Image by (I Am), Creative Commons license

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Sarah said...

Interesting you post this today as I was about to ask for a follow up on your remark in the previous post about going into aggressive Israeli mode with the real estate agent.

I wondered if you could elaborate you thoughts on what the differences are in the two cultures where it is acceptable in one and not in the other. Is it here in Australian culture and just passive aggressively hidden. Is it effective when you use it in Australia or does it turn people off to you?

Also if you can bring this side of you out when needed does it mean are you suppressing it the rest of the time in the work place and at home or is it not a natural side to your personality that you have to bring out when back in Israel?