Monday, 12 March 2012

Mission Accomplished

Ice Kachang! 
It took me almost six months, but today I can proudly say I've finished processing all of our last European holiday photos and videos! The results of those ~24GB of raw data are on display at Flickr and YouTube.
This achievement of mine unlocks the following features:
  1. I can finally move on to processing the photos I took since we came back from [those] holidays.
  2. I can put my mind to creating something creative out of all our home renovation photos. For example, I try to take a photo a day of our house, from the same position, so as to be able to show the building's progress; some sort of an animation film can be generated there.
    Disclaimer: I'm getting to the point where our house does not fit the frame of my phone's camera anymore.
  3. Our European holiday photos were the last to be loaded and processed on our Windows machines. From this point onwards, all of my photos will be processed on my Mac or on one of my Linux machines. The relief of being able to put Windows behind me in favor of significantly superior operating systems is significant!
On a Lighter note:
Over the last year or so I have been processing my photos using Adobe Lightroom. The tool has quite a learning curve, and it definitely takes me more time to process my photos with Lightroom than it used to in the old days (where Picasa was my tool of choice). Probably an order of magnitude more.
However, there can be no comparison between the end results. It is becoming obvious that the more I experiment with the tool the better the photos come out. Indeed, in this day and age one cannot be said to be truly embracing digital photography without putting one's hands into some serious photo processing.
These pro and semi-pro tools are getting to the stage where they are becoming accessible/affordable to virtually everyone. At this point I will add that Adobe recently came out with Adobe Lightroom 4.0, which now includes (amongst others) facilities for authoring photo books. Given that Adobe used the opportunity to cut its product's price by half, I am seriously considering an upgrade.

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