Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Dictatorship at Work

Sadam Mercury 

What would you think of yourself if you were to find out you’re willingly living in a dictatorship? Not merely a dictatorship that tells you what to do, but also a dictatorship that tries to dictate how you think as well. It sounds horrible if not impossible, but most of us take part in such dictatorships. We just call it “going to work”.
I find it strange that in this day and age where we pride ourselves of our freedoms and our choices we’re still willingly putting ourselves under dictatorial regimes for most of our conscious hours. We wage wars to free others from non democratic reigns, but we shut up or don’t even realize what it is we’re putting ourselves through when we go to the office in the morning. An office where we are tasked with stuff we often do not have much of a saying about; an office where we are even strictly taught how to present ourselves while forbidden to express our genuine inner thoughts. If you ask me, that’s the perfect theocracy: it’s as extreme as theocracies go in the sense that it even reaches through to dictate the way you think, but all the while it is considered an achievement to be at a position where such a theocracy accepts you in the first place.
As I am writing this post I am at a relatively privileged position. A recent organizational structure change at work has meant that recently I have been spending a significant portion of my office time researching, analyzing and performing several other tasks that I actually find interesting. However, it is exactly this position of privilege I’m currently at that is making me think: given that change is always in the air, what would I be able to do when the winds blow the other way and I am asked to work on stuff I do not enjoy much, or perhaps even dislike altogether? I suspect this is the type of fear citizens of dictatorships worldwide are feeling, albeit more extensively given the physical risks to their lives.
I would therefore throw the glove for truly democratic workplaces to pick up. It seems to me as if organizations offering true cooperative environment to their employees have the potential to be something truly special. Yes, I would like to see myself working at such a place.

Image by Sol, re, mi, Creative Commons license

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