Friday, 10 February 2012

Running on Stress


What a shit week we've had! This one has to qualify as one of my worst ever. For the purpose of letting steam, here are some of the highlights:
  • Moving from our house to a rental place, with all the packing and the mess this comes with (and with a four year old to boost the challenge).
  • The builder doing our original home's extension deciding to start knocking bits of our house down before we finished getting all of our stuff away. The annoying catch is: we could have moved the things out on time. We didn't, because the builder assured us he'll only be doing little things on the outside; guess he changed his mind once he saw we're out, but in changing his mind he created a load of additional work for us at a time when we can do without. On the positive side, the mess he made helped us realize how wise it was to move out.
    [I do want to make it clear that nothing our builder has done so far could make me think he's anything but a nice guy; it's just that in this case, his enthusiasm got the better of him. It happens to us all.]
  • Various nagging issues with our rental place that are at best addressed in a less than satisfying manner by our landlord and at worst are not addressed at all. I spoke about our washing machine adventures already (we gave up on a solution there; the landlord is too much of a pain, so we settled on positioning the washing machine at the middle of the room and securing its hoses with masking tapes to the sink). Problem #1 at the moment is a running sink in the toilet room, which should be a two minute washer change for a plumber but sees our landlord messing us about for over a week with false promises.
    To take us back to the washing machine saga for a minute, there was a point during the middle of the week when we realised the landlord is not going to move a centimeter to help us out. I snapped, at at 21:00 decided that we are going to have the washing machine running that night, by hook or by crook. We did the masking tapes unwound, we connected everything, I went out on a drive at 21:30 to get some washing powder, we had a bit of a leak on the landlord's precious furniture, but at the end of the day [night] we had a working washing machine. Because a line in my sanity that was threatening to crack was in danger.
  • Overall, the notion that we did not do a good job choosing a rental house.
  • Spending a week without a mailbox, wondering whether we're missing out on important letters.
  • The lack of a bath at the new place is proving stressful to our child, and as a result to us, too.
  • The health of our son. This one issue deserves many a post; even he had noticed that he gets more sick more often than his friends. This week things have peaked with us rushing to hospital for fear of appendicitis. We spent a whole day at the emergency room and then the following morning seeing a hospital paediatrician. With regards to the current affair the verdict is still open; on the positive side, we are now seeing an expert specialist that is probably in the best position to help us see to the bottom of this ongoing affair. Not that I hold my hopes too high: uncertainty seems to be the dominating notion.
  • The utility company sent us a letter congratulating us on the move, and letting us know they will be sending a meter guy to do the reading so we can get disconnected as soon as possible. Yes! When I called, panicking, the explained it was a standard letter and nothing is getting disconnected.
  • Telstra phone connection: The technician that came to install our phone knocked on our door. "Is this the phone cable?" he asked, pointing at a cable popping out of the wall and forgetting to say hello or anything alike. "Maybe, I don't know" I answered. "Jesus Christ", he said, and ran away (literally) to cry to his boss. Eventually he did do some work, but we still don't have a working phone (and, by extension, no ADSL), we have no idea when we will. Telstra, on its side, is already billing us for a phone we don't have - which means their service is still as crappy as their reputation says it is, but I still need to chase them up for it.
With all that's been going on I spent the week running mainly on stress. With appetite suffering through all that is happening I guess that comes naturally; however, I doubt this will do us any long term favours. If anything, it looks like the saga is just starting to unfold.

This post was significantly revised/expanded on 11/2/2012.
Image by bottled_void, Creative Commons license


Sarah said...

That does all sound frustrating.

Just some ideas.

Could you get a post office box and forward all your mail to that and then you know it is at the post office rather than worrying about it disappearing. I know it would be a pain to go to the post office a couple of times a week but it is one idea.

For Mister 4 why don't you get a small blow up pool or a big plastic storage tube and fill in the bottom of the shower so he can still have a bath but you can remove it for your shower. Miss O can sit in a bucket at the bottom of my shower but I am guessing he is too big for that.

Hope things settle down soon.

Moshe Reuveni said...

I was entertaining the idea of a post office box, but in contrast to the rest of the promises made to us by our landlord they actually had one installed this Friday.
As for the pool idea: we're taking it. Thanks!