Sunday, 12 February 2012

In These I Trust

Our washing machine running in the middle of the room, secured by masking tape, is probably the best teller of our recent house move story. While it symbolises all that is and has been shitty with our move, it occurred to me that I should counter it and dedicate a corner post to those who proved reliable and trustworthy in these dire times:
  1. Our Car: I have been the proud owner of a station wagon for several years now, but nowhere did it shine as much as with the house move. There are but a few things that won't fit in its enormous and easy to handle flat back; between its reliability and ease of use, Our Car™ has been one of the few things we can rely on not to fail us and properly support us.
  2. Wifi Hotspot: Fitted with a prepaid Telstra iPad SIM (don't tell Telstra!), our wifi hotspot made sure we're never without a reliable Internet connection. It's still no substitute for the throughput an ADSL connection can bring, but at least we're not stranded.
  3. Each other.

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