Monday, 30 January 2012

The Three Visitors

If you were to ask me who I would love to have at my home dinner table, with the exclusion of friends and family, my answer would be Richard Dawkins, Carl Sagan and Isaac Asimov. I’d love to have Christopher Hitchens in, too, but he’s the type that will make me afraid of opening my mouth and exposing my comparatively benign qualities. I will also invite my uncle, despite the family exclusion clause, because I know he will enjoy the company.
The immediate problem with this proposed dinner is that other than Dawkins none of my guests are with us anymore. Which brought me to ask who would be in my preferred list of feasible guests? In particular, which Aussies I would love to have at my house?
While no Aussie name shines as brightly as Dawkins’, the one name that would definitely light the top of my list is Leslie Cannold’s. Which is exactly why I was rather ecstatic to have her at my place the other week (as was my then sick son, who loved the attention she gave him). Think about it: the article writer, the TV persona, the book author, the activist, the Humanist of the Year, the presenter at both Global Atheist Conventions, and obviously the charming person – in my humble adobe!
First, I need to thank my friend Uri, whose actions paved the way for this visit.
Second, I would like to point out the obvious contribution of social media to this momentous event: sure, there are many negatives to wasting one’s life on these addictive tools, and I certainly think Facebook is vile; but if it wasn’t for Twitter I would have never known Leslie Cannold in the first place and I would have never established contact with her, nor would she be able to acquire the help she was after at the visit. I will therefore use this opportunity to admit my love for Twitter: not only is Twitter establishing itself as only dominant technology company that is driven and operated by worthy values, it is also a wonderful tool with which to establish social circles with people one could only aspire to contact otherwise.
I’ll try tweeting Dawkins when he’s in the ‘hood during early April for the Global Atheist Convention, but I don’t expect much. He’s rarely in the Twitter scene.

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