Sunday, 22 January 2012


It is a truth universally acknowledged that the only thing separating this blog and worldwide success is branding. The thought of how to position myself to attract more attention thus keeps bugging me.
OK, it doesn't bug me. And my blog's main problem (if popularity is deemed an issue) is to do with its limited appeal. Still, upon discovering that GoDaddy will give me my coveted domain for a mere $10 (first year special), I decided the time has come to reposition my blog: instead of the lowly domain, it shall now have the mighty and coveted domain (or rather,
I did not want to go with the SOPA sympathising elephant shooting GoDaddy, though. The question was which domain name registration service I should be using instead. Given my total ignorance on the matter I decided to follow recommendations, in particular Delimiter's one for ireckon domains and Cory Doctorow's much praised Hover. I ended with the latter, for the simple reason they offered a step by step guide on redirecting my blog from Google's Blogger premises to my own new domain. At $15 a year Hover is 50% more expensive than GoDaddy, but that's the price of ethical shopping for you: that's the cost of protesting against SOPA (as Hover clearly does on its home page).
As for the implications of this domain transfer. As far as I can tell it is fully transparent. I still manage my blog through the same facilities at Google, and my blog is accessible regardless of whether you access it via or (which makes me suspect RSS readers will need no updating).
The irony of it all is that for now my reviews blog, which earns an order of magnitude more hits than this one (by now it's a pretty respectable blog, hit wise) is still at its old Blogger/blogspot domain. The point, however, is that my personal web brand is now established. I'm an internationalist; I'm a dot com.

Image: Hover

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