Saturday, 3 December 2011

I don't belong here

I Don't Belong HereI don’t have much in common with the average Aussie. I need only look around to realize that: Other than the occasional film, I can’t stand commercial TV here; nor can I get excited about anything to do with alcohol. Slurpees excite me much more.
By the same token, I don't have much in common with the average Israeli. I need only look around at the people surrounding me at this virtually Israeli/Jewish exclusive party I was invited to a couple of weeks ago to realize that.
However, not having much in common with both the Australian and the Israeli mainstream cultures does not mean I feel lonely. I definitely used to feel lonely in the past; today I have my own family. Today I can connect with likeminded people as much as I want, regardless of physical distance, through the Internet. The latter is not the same as proper friendship, but it still goes a long way. It even has its advantages: let’s face it, people like Richard Dawkins have little reason to interact with me on a personal basis but have no problems exposing me to their world via the Internet.
A few weeks ago I posted about my reasons for writing my blogs. Add the following to the list of reasons there: Taking an active part in the Internet is my ticket to likeminded people.

Image by Artiee, Creative Commons license

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