Wednesday, 30 November 2011


dont afraid to lose your weightBreakthrough was finally achieved and I managed to lose a noticeable amount of kilos of my weight. I don’t doubt for a second that fluctuations would occur on my quest to weigh as much as I should weigh in some sort of an ideal but imaginary world.  I would gain weight back before I lose more; after all, I live in the real world, surrounded by real food, and I have been known to have a physical activity phobia.
That said, I consider it important to report how my successful weight reduction took place. You see, I’ve use this revolutionary technique that no one ever thought of before:
  1. I exercise, and
  2. I eat less.
More constructively, I would like to mention that me and exercising only manage to go along together due to the EA Sports Active 2 game on the Wii. The game has its annoying points, but between allowing me to exercise in my own living room, without weights and other special gizmos I generally dislike, and in the company of my four year old instead of the Schwarzenegger look-alikes that plague the common gym, it simply works for me. More often than not I actually enjoy the exercising – especially when my son joins in the action.
I would also like to mention that eating less proved sort of manageable not by eating fewer types of food or skipping meals, but simply by eating a bit less each time I do eat. It seems to work through a cunning trick: once I get used to eating a bit less every time I eat, my stomach starts considering that lesser amount as normal; it does not feel like I’m eating less anymore, but rather as if I’m eating just fine. Which goes to show you can use tricks of the mind to fool your own mind.
Next week I will probably be here again to tell you how I put this allegedly lost weight back.

Image by SiroGraphy, Creative Commons license

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