Saturday, 5 November 2011

Reasons to Be Cheerful, Part 3

This mind has been quite busy lately trying to identify reasons with which to justify the purchase of a brand new 13" Apple MacBook Air. It's a work in progress effort, but thus far I could come up with the following:

  1. Have you seen the latest MacBook Air? There's nothing out there like it.
  2. Have you held the latest MacBook Air?
  3. My netbook, on which this post is typed, is three year old now. It's fine and all and its performance is more than acceptable when running Ubuntu, but it's showing its age. It's got slight keyboard and mouse pad issues, and some times its hard drive refuses to start.
  4. In my opinion, the MacBook Air is the world's best netbook ever: it's roughly the same size (slightly bigger screen but in a slimmer package), it weighs less, and it performs a hell of a lot better.
  5. Imitation ultrabooks running Windows have started coming out, but have you seen how much they're selling for? Dick Smith has an Acer ultrabook of inferior specs that costs about the same, as well as others costing more and offer less. I suspect it's the first time ever that Apple's product is actually cheaper than the opposition.
  6. It got a very favorable review at Delimiter (yes, it's me in the comments section down there).
  7. John Scalzi has one and he often repeats his claim it's the best computer he's ever had (see here for an example). Generally speaking, Scalzi's opinion has a lot of clout with me; in this particular case I strongly suspect we're both looking for exactly the same thing in our PCs, hence I have reasons to suspect I would agree with Scalzi.
  8. For someone aspiring to be an authority on matters of personal computers and gadgetry, my lack of firsthand Mac experience is a gaping black hole. I'm familiar with various versions of Windows, Linux, Android and iOS; but not with the Macs. I should do something to remedy the situation!
  9. As I said here before, tablets are nice but they're not really the right thing for me. As PCs go, a MacBook Air is the closest PC to a tablet that would satisfy me.
That's all nice and dandy, but where am I really going ahead with buying a MacBook Air? The damn thing's expensive!
I'll put it this way: I can't say I truly need the MacBook Air. However, the minute my wife gives me the green light to go and spend the $1400 it takes to get one is the minute you will see smoke coming off my afterburner. And if you happen to hear of some Christmas sale or something at Apple, let me know!

Image: Apple

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