Friday, 18 November 2011

Kicking the Dead Blog

It is often said that a person returning from travel is not the same as the person who first embarked on the travel. One basic example is me.
A few months ago I announced my intentions to start a new blog before my friends, a blog dealing with the realistic side of parenthood. That is, a blog where you won’t be able to read that the birth of my child was the happiest moment of my life (conception was much more fun; during the birth itself I was tired after two sleepless nights in a row, and seriously worried for my wife); nor would you have been able to read that parenthood is as rewarding as an unexplored gold mine.
I had plans for this blog. For a start, I built it in WordPress, with the intention of learning a new (for me) blogging system that also happens to be a much more powerful web publishing tool than Google’s Blogger is. The blog was meant for me to hone my skills at writing I can try and sell later. Adopting a serious approach, I drafted some posts with ideas and highlights.
Then I went on a month long overseas trip, and four countries later I came back home feeling as if writing about parenthood, or at least seriously writing about parenthood, is the last thing on my mind. I suspect this was the result of two factors:
  1. Drowning in the very pleasurable task of processing the 27GB of photos and videos I took during on the trip. I’m enjoying it, but it takes ages and consumes too much of my post blogging spare time.
  2. The realization that, generally speaking, there are topics I am much more interested in discussing than parenthood. Things like gadgets, the Internet, or civil liberties in the context of the virtual world are all things I tend to get much more excited about.
The question would eventually go back to where and how I see myself starting to write stuff I can offer for publication. Perhaps I will find, eventually, that writing about parenthood is the way for me to put a foot in the door. In the mean time, though, I declare my previously declared parenthood blog dead.

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