Thursday, 17 November 2011

I'm the Tux Man

Linux 'Tux' Tattoo With not even a single day of Mac ownership under my belt, I was already asked whether I am now going to turn into an Apple snob (aka fanboy) and boast/gloat my Mac ownership around. I’m insulted.
Yes, I will continue saying what I have said here before: In my humble opinion, the MacBook Air is the best piece of computer hardware ever. That is because it is the ultimate netbook: it’s small, light, incredibly usable, incredibly portable, but it still performs like a proper contemporary PC. Plus it’s got a keyboard that lights in the dark, I mean – what else can you ask for, a computer that wipes your butt?
But with all due respect to Apple, the late Jobs, Mac fans everywhere, and my new NetBook Air: I am, as I have been for several years now, a loving advocate of the open source way. Me, an Apple fanboy? You’ve got to be joking. I am Linux through and through!

P.S. I’m hereby declaring the trademarking of the term NetBook Air.

Image by rbieber, Creative Commons license

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