Sunday, 13 November 2011

Free Thoughts

Good Citizens Don't Think

A few mischievous thoughts have been on my mind lately, and what better place do I have than this to share them around?
  1. Why is it that we take it for granted a system that has us getting paid in return for work? Why shouldn't we be allocating resources between people based on other parameters instead? Why is it that the matter isn't even open for debate?
  2. Why is it that we live under a hierarchical social order where we elect people to rule us? Why do we need someone to rule us in the first place? Isn’t such a system just an unimaginative replacement for monarchy? Can’t we do better?
  3. Why is it that I have to get up every morning and dress up in office uniform, mingling with other similarly clad people, the majority of whom I have little in common with?
In my opinion all of the above questions are closely related subject that are effectively considered taboo. When I combine these thoughts, it seems to me as if society is purposefully rearing us to lead unhappy lives.

Image by PropagandaTimes, Creative Commons license

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