Monday, 7 November 2011

Arrgh Maties

Aye, Eye!

My wise friend Uri tends to joke on my behalf, saying that whenever I blog about not doing something he knows that this is the last step before I do it. Often enough, Uri is right, and not just because he’s wise (I consider him much wiser than I am), but mostly because the issues I blog about are also the issues I think about, and when I think of something I often realize I was wrong and change my mind. I don’t have any problems with changing my mind; it usually is quite an amusing exercise.
This post is here to tell you of one such change of heart/mind. Less than a week after I’ve explained here why despite all I have in common with them I am not about to join the Pirate Party; however, a few days later I went ahead and joined the Pirate Party. You can quote me on having changed my mind for the following reasons:
  1. The abduction of civil liberties has never been more popular than it currently is. You read about it in the news every day; check out this latest example of a Christian bleeding heart trying to defend us from the danger that is Grand Theft Auto. Extra points go to the media (Channel 7 in this particular case) for their partial and evidence lacking coverage.
  2. I am currently reading Cory Doctorow’s Little Brother, a book that is about the way civil liberties are being robbed of this current generation in the name of some elusive idols. That book made me think, as it should everyone who reads it (reading is such a perilous activity!).
  3. While being a party with a narrow core has its disadvantages, it also has its advantages. It is a party where, if I ever decide I want to make a difference, I actually stand a chance of making a difference.
  4. The party’s key people seem to be genuinely nice people.

So at least for now, I am a pirate. Officially.

P.S. A question for you: How does the Caribbean branch of the party refer to itself?

Image by Cayusa, Creative Commons license

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