Saturday, 15 October 2011

Take Your Time

sleeping beauties - mother and son asleep in bed - MG 5315.JPGThis Friday our four year old jewel decided to get out of his bed and enter our bed at the lovely time of five (AM!), bringing a collection of his favorite toy airplanes with him.
Despite severe urging and us gradually confiscating said airplanes, our pride and joy would not let us continue our sleep. That is, until the time for us to get up for work has arrived: when that happened, he quickly pulled the blanket over him and went to sleep. As usual, pulling him out of bed and getting him ready for childcare was one of those stressful experiences all parents, but only parents, are so experienced with.
The lesson to the rest of you innocent humans out there, potentially considering bringing children to this world: take your time. Take. Your. Time.

Image by sean dreilinger, Creative Commons license

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