Sunday, 30 October 2011

Police State

Police TapeFriday's The Age featured two front page stories dealing with police affairs. The first told us how the position of the Chief Commissioner of Victoria Police was undermined by the office of the very minister in charge of police. As we know, that commissioner ended up out off office rather quickly. The second story deals with the Occupy Melbourne protest that was evicted using force by Victoria Police a week earlier (I was there to see some of it), and how the police provided one legal justification for the use of force while the mayor put another; thing is, both arguments were exposed by the newspaper as legally inadequate.
My take on these matters is that the State of Victoria is not run by law but rather by the whim of the powers that be. In the particular cases we have here, it is controlled by a few power hungry Liberal party members who regard the state as their private playground.
My second take is more straight forward. Given the ease with which these news items came about and the speed at which they were forgotten, I can only conclude that the general Australian public is very much indifferent to this whole charade. As in, "as long as it doesn't bother me and I can do what I want, they can do whatever they want". Only that history repeatedly teaches us that people who work under this assumption tend to find it is rather too late to get up in arms when shit hits their fan.

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