Friday, 14 October 2011

Musical Chairs

  1. A couple of weeks ago I read Cory Doctorow’s review of Ry Cooder’s latest album. That night I listened to the entire album through Spotify.
  2. Last week we read a review in The Age of a new Jim Henson (of Muppets’ fame) tribute album, The Green Album. I can’t find a link to the review but you can read more about the album and its contents here. What I can say is that we listened to the album in its entirety on the same day we read the review, and we did it through Spotify.
  3. Yesterday I read on Twitter about William Shatner’s newly released album, Seeking Major Tom. Yesterday evening we listened to the album in its entirety through Spotify.

Do you detect a theme here? Yes, I do too. The theme is that us Aussies are getting SO S-C-R-E-W-E-D by the music labels it’s not funny.
While the American and British consumer can listen to any music they feel like through services such as Spotify, the musical powers that be are preventing us from achieving the same feat. I don’t know what exactly it is the labels are expecting us to do (buy plastic CDs?), but they’re definitely putting themselves in a position where they cry wolf over piracy yet refuse to sell us the product we really want.
As for me: Yes, I do get to use Spotify despite its lack of availability for our Lucky Country users. I do so by using VPN. However, instead of being able to pay Spotify for its Premium service I am so longing for, my money is going to the coffers of the VPN providers that let me listen to Spotify’s limited but free service. Where is the sense with that? I don’t know, but do feel free to refer the question to those controlling Australia’s music industry.

Copyrighted image: William Shatner's new album, Seeking Major Tom

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