Sunday, 16 October 2011

Couch Potatoes Are Thinner

Exercise with Gloria

I seem to be losing the weight loss battle.
I put on some 3 kilos on during my recent round the world travelling expedition. That was to be expected: I was forced to survive English food by stuffing myself with chocolates, ice cream and pistachios instead, while in Israel I made sure I ate as much as I can and as often as I can from all the local foods I miss so much at Australia.
Upon returning home to Australia I immediately started taking steps towards getting rid of those extra pounds of flesh. Through circumstances I shall discuss in another post I took on exercising; the trick is, since I’ve started exercising I actually put 2 extra kilos on.
How can that be?
That’s simple. After exercising I am so hungry I feel I can eat an entire cow. Sadly, I don’t have cows grazing my backyard; what I do have are cupboards full of food (and a fridge!), which I raid like there's no tomorrow. As the scales clearly indicate, I eat much more than I burn off!
It sounds illogical, but my problem is not as unique as it may sound. You can read what The Guardian and research had to say about it here, but if you’re interested in the bottom line then you should be aware the indication is that exercising hardly ever reduces weight. Usually it actually achieves the opposite. I can therefore use the opportunity to rave about the benefits of a life devoid of physical effort, given my expertise in this subject matter, but for sincerity's sake I will conclude by saying it seems the best way to reduce weight is to simply eat less.
That, however, proves a bit too hard for me. Much harder than exercising.

Image by kevin dooley, Creative Commons license

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Wicked Little Critta said...

I've found it much easier to practice eating well when I focus on incorporating more healthy things into my diet than worrying about removing items or shrinking portions. It helps that I really enjoy most fruits and vegetables, so I just plan to include more of those into my meals every day, and if I still have a little room for potato chips or chocolate, then I still eat it. But as a result of the above I typically end up eating less of it.

Good luck!