Sunday, 25 September 2011

The Price of Travel

scream and shoutA short post on the perils of traveling around the world with a toddler: You may enjoy your travelling, but once you come back home you should prepare for the worst.
First we had to contend with a four year old who has been fed primarily on chocolates and sweets by both grandmothers for a month and won't eat anything else (as in, any proper food that is actually good for him).
Second, we had to contend with a tired and jet lagged boy. That quickly translated into a sick boy once that boy attended childcare and caught the first virus that moved.
Third, after a month of total routine violations due to the necessities and perks of travelling, getting our pre-schooler back into the groove is proving to be mission impossible. Unless, that is, one truly enjoys giving a bath to a creature that won't stop shouting in their ear throughout.

Image by mdanys, Creative Commons license

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