Thursday, 29 September 2011

Of David Guetta

David Guetta @ CoachellaI never heard of David Guetta before bumping into ads promoting his music on Spotify. However, given the way Spotify has captured my heart I have been hearing a lot about David Guetta lately. So much so I couldn’t avoid noticing a review of his latest CD in The Age's weekend paper.
It occurred to me then that while I am pretending to be an American by using VPN services in order to access Spotify’s great music archives, the people of Australia are still expected to use CDs as their default music consumption method. What a silly notion! I find it hard to name anyone still buying CDs these days.
Yet the music labels will happily prevent Spotify from entering the Australian market. By forcing Spotify into a web of tangled agreements, Spotify (and its peers) are effectively kept out of our shores (to the point of Spotify announcing they do not foresee making an effort to enter the Australian market any time soon - see Spotify will not launch in Australia).
We’re paying the price for the record companies' stupidity.

Image by Drew "Rukes" Ressler, Creative Commons license

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