Thursday, 15 September 2011

International Smartphone Observations

Comunicando 114 ¿Qué móvil prefieres? iPhone, BlackBerry o Android

Us Aussies know that Australia has been won over by Apple: everybody on the street seems to have an iPhone stuck up their butt, including kids who can't even read yet. I was wondering what things are like in the rest of the world, and in my ongoing travels I kept an eye open. Here's what I saw:
  1. UK: Seems to be split in half between iPhone and Android phones.
  2. Netherlands: Androids seem to have quite an edge over the iPhone.
  3. Israel: The most striking thing about Israel is the infrequency of the smartphone. Most people are still stuck with those old Nokias - you know, those devices whose only purpose in life is to make calls and receive SMSs. You can see the occasional Android and an iPhone in the hands of a young soldier, but really - the Hebrew language barrier with its right to left schizophrenia seems to have taken a major toll.
  4. Singapore: Another Android and iPhone draw, maybe with a small Android lead.
If you sense that the smartphone world is a two player game then you caught the drift. Blackberries were visible but hardly, and the rest were simply not there. I would like to clarify, though, that the above is far from a reliable scientific examination, but rather based on what I happened to see in the streets.

Image by jagelado, Creative Commons license


wile.e.coyote said...


Mary Meeker: Israel among world smartphone leaders

Her figures show that the number of smartphone users (3G and above) in the world ..... Israel is in 26th place in the world, with average annual growth of 18%, to reach 5 million users.

See slide 10

UK 41%
NL 32%
IL 52%
Singapore 59%

I think the issue is that the people you meet in Israel are just not up-to-date with tech, replace friends

Moshe Reuveni said...

As I said, my survey was less than scientific.
However, what I will also say is that 3G access does not make a phone a "smartphone". Any shit Nokia has 3G access nowadays, but to call these bricks smartphones is a gross exaggeration.
All the places I have been to have people's heads stuck to their smartphones' screens. Israel is the only exception, with people actually looking around them.
Again, I will qualify this by saying I might have been to the wrong parts of Israel, although if that's where my friends take me then so be it - I like them just the way they are.

wile.e.coyote said...

To say that Israel is not a mobile empire is like I’ll come to Melbourne, meet Jennifer Hawkins in the street and assume she represent the average females in Australia.
I assume it is possible that all gals in Melbourne looks like Jennifer and I do hope they look like her but I’m not sure it is true (this is the reason why I never come to visit btw)

Not sure what is smartphones in your definition, Nokia and Microsoft OSs can do whatever Apple and Google OSs can do, but without the buzz. I’m not using a lot of apps in my Android, but I’m sure most of them are covered by all OSs.

I travel a bit in the world, and it always seems that Israel is a nation crazy about mobiles, ofc we don’t buy them here, we buy them abroad and bring them un-noticed to Israel

Moshe Reuveni said...

As someone who had several Windows Mobile phones as well as Nokias (Jo still has one from work) I can say this:
"Nokia and Microsoft OSs can do whatever Apple and Google OSs can do" = the biggest bullshit I've heard in a while. If they're so good then why did the world have to wait for the iPhone to discover the Internet can be used over a phone?
The new Windows Mobile operating system is good (unlike its predecessor), but my entire point was that no one uses it.

wile.e.coyote said...

I thought the purpose is to show the geographic difference of using smartphones.
We at ACME © labs refer not to use terms as “bullshit” but rather scientific numbers instead of rude accusations
Our numbers are showing that Israel is among the countries with the biggest penetration (you must love this word) of smart mobile in the world.
ofc it does not get any close to Japan and Korea, but are these real places?

Moshe Reuveni said...

I'll clarify: I used the term "bullshit" in order to provide a scientifically accurate appraisal of what it means to say that Nokia offers smartphones.
For further detail, refer to:

wile.e.coyote said...

Seems we are derailing again from the main issue.
The issue in hand is will we allow Scherri-Lee Biggs to continue with her approach against Jennifer Hawkins.
You as our reporter for such important issues as these, needs to put a close eye on this issue.
My suggestion is to put some images of the ladies above in your blog and allow the public to judge for itself.

Moshe Reuveni said...

I've heard of Hawkins, but who's the fluck is that other one? A friend of Ninet's?

wile.e.coyote said...

Hawkins is your 2004ish
Biggs is your 2011ish
The 2011ish said some not nice things about the 2004ish.
In the name of the 50% of the ppl in the world (51% I think), these talks where not proper