Saturday, 13 August 2011

What the?


I am beginning to think that perhaps Melbourne winters are unsustainable. Every winter, especially since the arrival of our son and the efficient home importation of every virus from childcare, we have weeks and weeks of feeling bad. That collides with work demands, where we still have to deliver despite not being up to the task, to make us feel even worse.
Take the latest bout as an example:
  • I started feeling bad last Tuesday.
  • I was out of the office for a week with what the doctors (plural!) described as a cold with flu like symptoms. I had everything a good cold delivers, from a sore throat to weakness and muscle pains.
  • Still feeling less that great but half healthier rather than half sick, I went back to work on Thursday.
  • On Friday we had ourselves a bus expedition from work. I suspect the bus air-con didn't do me well.
  • As of Friday night I am back to feeling properly sick. As these words are typed, there is no conclusion to this sickness on the horizon.
I have had two weeks of severe uselessness and it's still ongoing. Which makes me ask, what the?
On the positive side, my wife has been taking care of me (at the cost of working even harder), and even the toddler allowed me to have a rest in the middle of the day instead of playing with him. It's all very nice and certainly makes me realize how much I love the people I live with. But hey, viruses, I got the point; please let me get on with my life.

Image by JD Hancock, Creative Commons license

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