Friday, 19 August 2011

No GAC for Me, Episode 2

Ticket pricing information for Melbourne April 2012's Global Atheist Convention is out (see here). Members of the Atheist Foundation of Australia, such as yours truly, can even order tickets already - two weeks ahead of the general public.
Go on now and order your tickets!

This post is here to not only tell you that tickets are available, but also to tell you I will probably not be buying one. The reason has to do with pricing.
It comes down to the lack of ticketing options: you can either buy a ticket to the whole convention or nothing; there are no day tickets. I can understand why, given demand, the organizers chose to go down that path: you can applaud their consistency in also bundling catering with the event ticket. However, personally, it would be hard for me to stay away from the family for an entire weekend, while on the other hand it would be financially hard for me to justify spending $310 for the sake of giving Richard Dawkins the opportunity to finally meet me in person.
I hope to still be able to take part in "side events", where I might be able to meet many of the people on the other side of much of my Twitter activities. I also hope they'll make the convention available online for the rest of us to enjoy.

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