Sunday, 28 August 2011

The Joys of English Travel


Travelling through England can be such a joy! (Warning: heavy sarcasm)
No, I am not going to complain here about the poor cuisine or the special love affair the Brits seem to have with carbs. I'm not even going to discuss the strangeness of the contraptions they refer to as "showers" in the UK.
Instead I want to talk about car travel. In our recent journeys we covered quite a lot of UK mileage, yet nothing even remotely close to what we often cover in Australia. I'm glad we haven't gone through Australian scale distances, because the driving we did was hell enough: it felt like we got to see the rear end of all the tractors, trucks and caravans in her majesty's kingdom. When it rained, and it poured like crazy yesterday, we got to know some roads whose draining was less than optimal, causing us some scary moments.
The peak of the lot goes to a caravan driving ahead of us on the highway. Its side mirror broke off all of a sudden, flying for a direct hit on our rental car's front bonnet. The boom that followed explained why I am now going to be charged 650 GBP due to damage to my rental car (my travel insurance should cover that, but it is still going to be a pain to sort out).
The point is that England turned out to be the first place ever where I damaged a rental car. While this could have happened anywhere, credit has to be given to England for having some poor roads and horrendous traffic. It's just not fun to go on a driving holiday there; it makes you appreciate Australia so much more.

Image by Highways Agency, Creative Commons license


The Curious Moshe said...

Any Premier League matches planned? I am sure that would sweeten your trip...

Moshe Reuveni said...

Fine idea, but in my case I suspect the admission price would include a divorce. That is, if divorce is not going to take place already given my current attitudes.
There's also the problem of me being an Arsenal supporter in what looks to be a year to forget. As I type, "we" are getting thrashed by ManU.
Still, thanks for the thought.