Sunday, 28 August 2011

The Conclusive British Humus Review

Folks have been waiting for this ruling for goodness knows how long, which brings me great pride in settling the argument once and for all: which is the best commercially available humus in the British isles?
To settle the argument, yours truly ventured to the depths of local supermarkets to try the humus on offer at both Tesco and Asda, the supreme rulers of British supermarketing (and, by the looks of it, car fuel too).
First observation: in the local English English lingo, humus is referred to as "houmous".
Second observation: British humus is reasonably priced at about 1 GBP per 200 grams. Perhaps this reasonableness is only the result of the strong Aussie Dollar. Sadly, you can't get your humus in packs larger than that, but for a good reason: none of the local supermarket humus contain preservatives, which means their shelf time is quite short.
Tasting observations: Both the Asda and the Tesco humuses are surprisingly good, definitely better than the average crap that passes for humus in Australia and even good enough to sell at humus superpowers such as Israeli supermarkets (at least by my humble opinion). The lack of preservatives gives them an edge in taste, and I judge both to be better than Yumi's humus back home in Australia.
Of the two contenders I would say the Tesco one is better. Its taste is slightly smoother and more authentic (rather than chemically), but the real Tesco winner is variety. Tesco sells humus in lemon, humus with sweet chilly sauce, and a multitude of other guises (most of them weird); of those, I rule its chunky humus to be the best of the lot by a wide margin.
Ultimately, the British humus lover is let down by the lack of dipping options. Just like Australia, getting your way to proper pita bread is all but impossible. My own reviewing was conducted with the aid of wholemeal bread and baguettes. Oh, the sheer heresy!

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