Sunday, 21 August 2011

Angry Dad

It's hard for me to recall ever being as upset and angry as I am at the moment. I am hoping to use this post for therapeutic purposes.
I spent the night looking after my toddler at his grandparents' place while the rest of the family took part in a party on the other side of the house. My son's young cousin was supposed to be sleeping at the room next to him.
I woke up to find my son naked in his bed. His clothes were pulled off him, the quilt pulled away from him, and he was shivering in bed - too tired to try and rescue himself. He did complain about ear pain, though.
Eventually I pieced the puzzle out: the cousin was the one who went to my son's room and undressed him. Not only that, she stuck a small bead very tightly into my son's ear; it took me a while and it took some considerable effort to ply it out.
Reporting this so shortly after seeing my son in the helpless form he was in is very hard; I keep seeing his shivering naked body before my eyes. When I see the cousin it feels as if I am looking at the devil, not at another small child suffering from what I suspect is a bout of jealousy. I can't see how I am going to allow her near my son ever again, but it appears as if the rest of the family does not share this sentiment of mine. It appears this is the price to pay for being the only one to see their own son in the helpless position he was in.
I suspect one of the things upsetting me the most is the fact this whole affair took place on my watch. How was I supposed to suspect such malice?

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Sarah said...

Wow I think you have every right to be terribly upset. That was a very cruel experience for him to undergo and very strange thing for a another child to choose to do. You are in a difficult position as you are there to visit but at the same time your instinct as a parent must be telling you to protect your child at all costs and get him away from the situation. I don't know what else to say wow...